Basic Will-Do's / Won't-Do's

The Will-Do / Won't-Do list is meant to give you an idea of what I'm capable of as an artist. For information pertaining to the ToS of a commission, please refer to the Terms of Service list on this page.


  • Humans
  • Simplistic robots
  • Anthro animals/furries
  • Moderate injury, blood and gore


  • Detailed robots/mecha
  • Realistic/detailed gore
  • NSFW/pornographic content

Terms of Service

The following ToS below is subject to revision at any time. By purchasing a commission, you automatically agree to the contents of this ToS.

Have any concerns? See how you can contact me under the Comm Info sidebar!

  1. I (the artist) reserve the right to refuse a commission for any reason. I will not accept any commission depicting hate speech (transphobia, homophobia, racism, etc.) or any commission depicting an illegal paraphilia (pedophilia, bestiality, etc.).
  2. I (the artist) may reupload a commissioned piece to my personal websites (social media,,, etc.) for the purposes of portfolio building and self-promotion.
    1. I (the artist) do not claim copyright over any original characters depicted in the commissioned piece, even when reuploading for self-promotion. The copyright of these characters always belongs to you (the client).
  3. When commissioning a piece, you (the client) pay half of the listed price up front. Upon receiving the finished commission, you pay the other half of the listed price.
    1. You (the client) are entitled to cancel the commission at any time. When you cancel, you will receive a full refund. However, if the piece is already rendered and complete, you will NOT receive a full refund.
    2. Refunds are not available for Sketch commissions.
  4. Upon receiving your commissioned piece, you (the client) may use the piece for personal use. You may reupload the watermarked piece to social media (Discord, Tumblr, etc.), so long as the relevant social media post links back to either my (the artist) social media account or my site. You may use the commissioned piece as a social media avatar. You may use the commissioned piece as a phone or laptop background.
    1. You (the client) may NOT use your commissioned piece for commercial use. You may not use the commissioned piece to sell physical goods (prints, apparel, etc.), as an asset to promote a website or commercial brand, or to mint an NFT (non-fungible token) or other blockchain/cryptocurrency related good.
  5. You (the client) may NOT claim your commissioned piece as your own artwork.